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Professional Athletic Training
Physical Training 
Sport Fitness

Our athletic training course is designed to identify raw talent, connect them with specific category in athletics event and nurture them to unleash their best in the competitive sports. For the professional athletes we also focus on right drills to correct the biomechanics and technical form for the specific event apart from routines that develop the physical strength, explosive power, endurance and agility 

Our physical training course is meant for achieving specific fitness levels required for certain careers and to maintain overall health irrespective of age and domain of work. We have specialised physical training courses suitable to people from all walks of life; from cop to CEO.

Our sports fitness training is designed to prepare the sports person for the physical demands of his specific sport competition. Physical fitness for one sport is not exactly the same as for another. Training activities closely simulate the specific nature of each sport. For example, training for basketball is very different from training for football


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Track and Field Masters Club
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Thane (West).


Timing :-  
Tue- Sat
6:30 Am To 8:15 Am
5:30 Pm To 7:15 Pm
Sun- 6:30 Am To 8:15 Am
Datta Chavan Sir 
Cell -9869193535


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