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Actual training pictures at the residential Camp site listed below


What to carry:

Travel light and pack only what you can fit in your personal bag pack. optimize and reuse clothes. This is a training camp no one will judge you on the clothes you repeat.  (Ones in bold are mandatory)

  • Photo ID cards For train journey)

  • Milk additives if needed ( Protienx )

  • Light Snacks (Nuts, Dates, Threptin)

  • Synthetic Sports wear ( Quick Dry)

  • Clothes Line/ Clips/hangers for drying

  • Floater/Crocs/Chappal 

  • Change of clothes for 7 days- optimize

  • Athletics Kit (bag , towels, training shoes, spike shoes, bottle)

  • Mosquito repellent, Sun cap, Shades

  • Book and pen to log timing

  • Medicine and instruction of personal ailment

  • Liquid Detergent to wash & reuse clothes

  • Carry water and breakfast for train journey

  • Carry two water bottles one for water and other for energy drinks (Glucose, Electral which will be provided) if you have a personal preference then carry your own as well.

  • Swimming wear, cap, towel, shower gel (When we use the swimming pool you will need to carry the above with you so that you can shower and change into fresh clothes there. Shower cap is mandatory)

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