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Find out more about our talented athletes currently representing and winning for Track and Field Masters Club at various sports events across India

Isha Ramteke
Isha Ramteke


National Champion- The fastest 14 year old girl in the in the country.

She has broken various state and meet records.

In 2019 she bagged the U14 100 mtr Sprint Gold in 4 Nationals meet (CISCE, NIDJAM, SGFI , State Nationals) , A Grand Slam!. She was also awarded the "Golden Girl Of the Track".  She is in our list of the probables being trained for the 2024 Olympics. Click image to read more

Himanshu Singh
Hemanshu Singh


Fastest U17 400 Mtrs in the State With a personal best of 49 seconds he was chosen to participate in the GAIL India Speed Star All India Finals 2018

In 2019 he broke the YMCA meet record in 200 mtrs U17 Run

Rohit Chavan Javelin
Rohit Chavan​

International Javelin Medalist-
Gold- Javelin Fire Brigade World Athletics Championship Sep 2018. Rohit has won several National and State Medals in Javelin. He is among the top 10 Javelin throwers in the country

Reshma Gore
Reshma Gore

A National Medalist- A budding athlete who started training in the last couple year and within a short span she has bagged many medals including a bronze in 100 mtr at the NIDJAM National Meet 2019 taking her to the top 3 sprinter in the country in the U16 age Group.  She has won several state and district Medals
Eva Manoj Athlete
Eva Manoj

National Medalist - In the top 10 in country for 600 mtr, High Jump and Long Jump. Silver Medal in 600 mtr in Junior Nationals 2021 and in the CISCE Nationals  and Bronze in 600 Mtr RFYS Nationals. Gold in West Zone 2021 Long Jump and 600, Gold in Mh State in Long Jump, High Jump and 600

Winner of the Mumbai Junior Marathon (Juniorthon) for four  years in a row  2016,2017,2018,2019 (U11 2k in 7:30 Sec).

Sub- Junior High Jump- Matched State Record. Hold District record for 600, HighJump and Long Jump. Also Meet Record in the Dervan Youth Games 2021 she bagged a 7 Gold medals

Nicole Spassky

Won 5 medals in the 2021 Dervan Youth Games including 3 gold in sprint events. Girls U10 Championship Billabong High School in 2019 2018 and 2016

Silver in 200 Mtr Maharashtra Sub Junior State Meet

Silver in 200 Mtrs , 80 Bronze Thane Mayors 2019

Silver in 100 Mtr Sri Ma Meet 2018

Silver in 100 Mtr Misa Athletics Meet 2018

Sanjana Sawant
Sanjana Sawant
A National Level Athlete -
YMCA 2019 - Gold 800 Mtrs
Srima - Srima Inter school - Gold 400 Mtr 2018
Dav Public school Gold in 400, 800
Varasha Marathon 5k Podium finish - 2017-2018
Kranti Daud 3rd rank 2017-18
CBSE school State level - Bronze 400 mtr, Silver 400 Mtr
Arya Kirda Mandal Bronze 400 mtr 2016
Norah Spassky​

National Level Athlete. She has represented district in various National , state level events  and she has also bagged  Silver in 400 Meters in CISCE regional and Silver in the Zonal Athletics Meets. 3 Medals in the 2021 Dervan Youth Games


Aahana Chakrabati

High jump bronze CISCE 2019 Regional and Zonal Meet

Bronze-100 mtrs hurdle CISCE 2019 Regional and Zonal Meet

Silver High jump Thane Mayors Meet 2019

Silver High jump Reliance Youth Meet 2018

Gold High Jump YMCA 2019

Championship Billabong 2010



Shridhar Kale started training in May 2018 Within 2 months, he participated and won silver medal in 100 m run in Thane district Athletics championship 


Krish Sarkar

Krish is a budding athlete . He has got medals in TDA 2019, 2021 and  In the 35th Maharashtra State Junior athletics meet. He represented Thane district in the 2021 State level meet, with Gold in the 100 mtrs in the Thane district meet 2021 and Bronze in the 200 Mtr.

Won 3 medals in the Dervan Youth Games. She has also won several medals in the district events in 300 and 400 Mtrs
Ishana is a gutsy athlete who has won various medals. She also competes in the open sea swimming events.
One of our most promising young athlete. 
He has won several medals including a Gold in the 2021 Dervan Youth Games, a State level event. He has also won medals at the district level and was selected to represent Thane district in the Sub- Junior Meet in 2019 (U8) 

One of our most promising young athlete.

She has won medals including four medal in the 2021 Dervan Youth Games, a State Event in 80 mtr Sprint, Long Jump and Relay 
Sanika Bagul
One of our most promising young athlete.  She was selected to represent Thane district in the Sub- Junior Meet in 2019 
Recently she also  won a bronze in the YMCA State level Meet for the Long Jump  and Bronze in Sri Maa Inter School competition
One of our most promising young athlete.
Recently she bagged Gold in YMCA State athletic meet for the 50 mtr race.
Snapseed (11).JPG
Hetal Pawar​
Hetal has won several  medals in the inter-school competitions and the YMCA state level meet.
She is also bagged the  School Championship (Saraswati School)
Silver in the Thane District Athletic Meet in 2021 Crosscountry Event.
PHOTO-2019-12-15-16-02-21 (1).jpg
One of our most promising young athlete.
He has won medals at the inter school competitions
PHOTO-2019-12-10-17-50-46 (1).jpg
Rutuja Khot
One of our most promising young athlete.
She has won medals in the inter school competitions for long jump and sprint events
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